Thursday, March 4, 2010

The First Stone

On Tuesday nights, we've started going out and sharing the gospel with people out on north campus (or the NC as they call it in da 'hood). It may not be the most effective way of evangelizing, nor is it my favorite way of doing it, but I know that God can use this to bring people closer to Him, so we do it. 

On the first night that we did it, Big Pat and I went out together. The first gentleman that we approached was a culinary student at SCC working at Sparky's Diner to pay the bills. He was from the Bible Belt, and grew up Christian. However he left the church when he came out to his parents as gay and they "made (his) life a living hell." In fact, it's why he and his boyfriend moved from Georgia to Phoenix; to get away. 

This made me sad. We didn't ask him what "a living hell" entailed, but I can imagine it was far short of loving him despite whatever flaws he may have. He said they're on good terms now and he doesn't hold any kind of grudge against them (which makes him a better man than myself), but I can't imagine a family pushing one of their own members away in the name of Jesus instead of showing him Christ's unfailing love regardless of the sin in his life. It seems to me anti-gospel to say "Change, or else."

Now, do I think that there should be some correction and uncomfortable confrontation if a Christian is seeking a homosexual lifestyle? Absolutely. But I feel like urging someone to go straight is far from the correct approach, because even straight people are not without sexual sin. On Sundays, our churches are filled with people who are into premarital sex, pornography addicts, divorcees (which Jesus said makes them adulterers), and a slew of other people who we like to extend grace to, and that's good. Why is it that when it comes to homosexuals, then, that we are quick to cast the first stone?

I'm really glad that Pat and I (mostly Pat) didn't focus at all on this guy's homosexuality. It's not our job to play the Holy Spirit and try convict someone of sin. We just presented the gospel as we would to anybody else. The rest is in God's hands.

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