Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Outreach Night

Every Tuesday night during the semester, a couple of my co-laborers and I head over to the honors dorms to serve smoothies and other goodies to students in hopes of engaging them in conversation.

Tonight we’re doing something a little different.

We’re showing up a little earlier this week, and serving a full meal. The price of admission for them is to write in our God Journal, which asks something like, “If you could ask God something, what would it be?” or “What are your thoughts on who God is?” We’re really hoping that tonight, before we leave the honors dorms, that we will be able to engage in a deep conversation with the students that they can mull over during the break. Please pray for tonight, as we will be fighting against “Glee” (which will be on in the lounge where we’re eating), studying, and some possible end of the year celebrations. Pray that these students will hear God’s Word and think about what it means for them. Lastly, pray that this would be an open door for us to continue discuss spiritual matters come next semester.

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